Old school vs new school

Bayer InVigor

Our Senior Web Developer, Barrie (Baz) Calver knows a thing or two about digital.  Here he talks about the challenges of the fast moving digital landscape. Email is OLD. When I say old I mean ‘ancient’ in terms of the digital world – 1978 to be precise, by V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai – although recent efforts …

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The evolving trends in design

Our Designer, Emma Felce, takes a look at the evolving trends in design. Design changes over the years, with trends coming and going, but the core design principles always remain the same: keep it simple, make it look nice, and ensure you get the message across. The trends in recent years have been for flat …

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Future shock

future shock

Way back in 1970, the futurist and author Alvin Toffler wrote his seminal book on the effects of rapid change on people and societies. I’m among the over 6 million that bought it, and its ideas have stayed with me ever since. Toffler believed that the constantly accelerating rate of structural change in society was, …

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Global marketing growth for PROI


The PROI, the world’s leading partnership of independent integrated communications agencies of which KISS Communications is part of, has announced a 14% increase in net fee billings in 2015 after reporting more than 17% growth in 2014. PROI Worldwide’s 75 Agencies reported consolidated revenue £498million, earned serving a total of 6,319 clients, an increase of …

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A whole new way

UTTO mobile locate technology

Damage to underground assets by builders and roadworks costs millions of dollars every year and causes massive disruption. But now help is at hand in the form of a breakthrough service which product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants has helped technology solutions company IPEG Corporation create. The service already has its first customer – …

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New Xaar 1003 raises the bar for industrial printing

Xaar, the world leader in industrial inkjet technology, is pleased to announce the launch of the Xaar 1003 family of printheads which sets a new benchmark for industrial inkjet printing. With its all-round superior performance, high productivity and versatility, this new printhead family builds on the market-leading Xaar 1002 and its predecessor, the original and …

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The vital role of Internal Communications

Role of internal comms

Companies invest a great deal of resource in communicating with their customers but many forget to include one of their most important stakeholders: their employees. Internal communications is the central nervous system of any organisation, creating a strong alignment between goals, plans and strategies and employees. Put simply, it acts as the middleman between employer …

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