Q. How many companies are there on the Cambridge Science Park?

At the time of writing there are over 100 companies.

Q. How many people work on the Cambridge Science Park?

Roughly 5,000 people in total.

Q. How big is the Cambridge Science Park?

The Park covers 152 acres (61.5 Hectares). In total there is 145,540 sq m (1,566,000sq ft) of Research and Development accommodation.

Q. I’m interested in moving my company to the Cambridge Science Park. How do I go about this?

For more information, see the available property page.

Q. What sorts of companies are based on the Cambridge Science Park?

There is a restriction on the type of companies permitted access to the Cambridge Science Park. The majority of companies are involved in scientific research and development. There are a few companies that directly support the research and development occupiers and these include patent agents and venture capital funds.

Q. What accommodation options exist for start-up companies?

The Cambridge Science Park is sufficiently large that it is able to deliver a wide range of accommodation options for start-up companies.
For more information Cambridge Science Park Innovation Centre

Q. What on-site facilities are available to companies located on the Cambridge Science Park?

The Cambridge Science Park has a wide range of on-site facilities for its companies which include:

  • choice of five broadband services
  • park wide CCTV system
  • conference facilities
  • restaurant and bar
  • child care nursery
  • health and fitness centre
  • electric car charging points in the carparks of buildings 320 and 332
  • recreational walks and jogging paths in 20 acres of landscaped grounds

Q. When was the Cambridge Science Park first established?

It was established by Trinity College in 1970, which retains the majority ownership and control of the Park.

Q. Is there a photographic archive of the Cambridge Science Park?

Yes. The photographic archive is located on the Imagebank page.

Q. How much public money has been spent in establishing the Cambridge Science Park?

No public funds have been made available to create the Cambridge Science Park or any of its facilities.

Q. Does the Cambridge Science Park invest in landscaping?

Yes. 20 acres of the 152 acres of the Cambridge Science Park comprises amenity landscaping and this is maintained by on-site grounds staff to provide a park environment with cycle and jogging routes.

Q. Are there opportunities to move to the Cambridge Science Park?

The Cambridge Science Park’s large scale ensures that opportunities for new occupiers arise fairly frequently. Properties often become available as a consequence of changes in requirements of rapidly developing high-tech companies and as a result of merger and acquisition activity. For more information, see the Bidwells property search website.

Q. How far is the Cambridge Science Park from the University of Cambridge?

The Park is 2.7 miles from Great St Mary’s, generally regarded as the central point of the dispersed University of Cambridge. It is linked by a regular bus service and cycle routes.