The vital role of Internal Communications

Role of internal comms

Companies invest a great deal of resource in communicating with their customers but many forget to include one of their most important stakeholders: their employees. Internal communications is the central nervous system of any organisation, creating a strong alignment between goals, plans and strategies and employees. Put simply, it acts as the middleman between employer …

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The future of neuromodulation


Why the industry needs to shift to high-volume, low-cost, disease-management solutions Miniaturised implants providing targeted nerve stimulation – perhaps even put in place via a simple injection in the doctor’s surgery. That’s the vision for the future of neuromodulation painted by product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants. The company says demand for mass-market therapies …

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New era in pharma growth


Innovation and technology key to growth of pharma companies in emerging markets Emerging markets are predicted to account for a third of global pharmaceutical spend by the end of next year – and seen as critical for the sustained growth of leading pharma companies. That’s according to a new report, which says innovation and technology …

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Pre-filled pen injector for adults with type 2 diabetes

PR-PR14-011_Image v0.14_thumb

Innovative design and development work for administration of type 2 diabetes treatment   An emerging global epidemic of diabetes is placing a huge burden on healthcare services. An estimated 347 million people worldwide suffer from the disease – including 26 million Americans and more than three million people in the UK. The World Health Organization predicts …

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Practice makes perfect

Cambridge Consultants is demonstrating how technology can widen access to advanced sport coaching tools to aid the athletes of the future. The product development company has created the ArcAid basketball training system to show how low-cost sensors such as cameras can be combined with a smartphone app or laptop for advanced performance monitoring and technique teaching. …

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High-tech tractors cultivate a sustainable future

Cambridge Consultants uses radar expertise to develop novel farming technology The face of traditional farming is rapidly changing to incorporate sophisticated technologies aimed at producing more food with less environmental impact. To support the influx of technology, product development firm Cambridge Consultants is using its expertise to design innovative, low-cost solutions for the farming industry. …

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Technology to ease the pain of arthritis

Next-generation device automatically warms drugs for easier injection with less pain A new injection device aims to reduce the fear and pain of injecting modern medicines in the home – by incorporating warming technology that quickly and reliably heats drugs to body temperature. Its cutting-edge design also makes it easy to use – transforming the …

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