What’s the big idea?

Our Creative Director, Rich Bland reflects on the influences on creativity over the decades, but there’s one question that’s worrying him….. We often reference a decade in terms of its ‘look’. Fashion, furniture, architecture, products, graphics, all interwoven by knowledge and experiences, build distinctive images of life within ten year blocks. It’s always been the …

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What colour are you?


Colours never fail to get our creative department excited, here our Creative Director, Rich Bland talks about the importance of colour purity. We know that the backbone of any great brand identity is in its consistent application. Logotypes, typography, imagery, tone of voice, colour, design etc. all working in harmony to ensure a consistent brand …

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The evolving trends in design

Our Designer, Emma Felce, takes a look at the evolving trends in design. Design changes over the years, with trends coming and going, but the core design principles always remain the same: keep it simple, make it look nice, and ensure you get the message across. The trends in recent years have been for flat …

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